Behavioral Investment Counseling
This title has now gone out of print. Individual copies may still be available on Amazon from resellers. We are considering an electronic version and will advise if and when this becomes available.

This groundbreaking book – written during the millennial bear market of 2007-2009 – was the first fully developed practical application of behavioral economics to the careers of personal financial advisors.

Its essential premise is that the dominant determinant of long-term, real life financial outcomes isn’t investment performance; it’s investor behavior. And that, without empathetic but tough-loving behavioral guidance, the investor must ultimately fail, as human nature is programmed to do.

The book is therefore a complete system of ideas and language/scripts by which we can establish and maintain, in the minds of our clients, the awesome realization that their advisor’s value proposition is entirely based on planning and behavioral coaching – and that benchmarks are completely irrelevant to lifetime investment success.

Table of Contents

Authorís Preface


Book One - Behavior Modification As The Advisorís Value

Chapter 1: Behavior Modification vs. Portfolio Management

Chapter 2: The Behavioral Advisorís Value Proposition

Chapter 3: The Value of Time

Book Two - The Behavioral Approach to Superior Lifetime Returns

Chapter 4: Six Steps to the Upper Reaches,  Part 1

Chapter 5: Six Steps to the Upper Reaches,  Part 2

Chapter 6: Six Steps to the Upper Reaches,  Part 3

Chapter 7: Preventing Disaster Before It Happens: The Eight Great Behavioral Mistakes

Book Three - The Behavioral Conversation

Chapter 8: Advocating for the Value of Behavior Management

Chapter 9: Refining the Art of Principled Persuasion

Chapter 10: Q&A/Objections Handling: Principles and Practices

Chapter 11: Q&A/Objections Handling: Timing and Selection

Book Four -  Behavioral Counsel in Seasons of Crisis

Chapter 12: Bear Markets: An Appreciation

Chapter 13: Bear Market Q&A: Turning Victims Into Opportunists

Chapter 14: The Retirement Income Crisis: A Behavioral Issue

Chapter 15: Retirement Income Q&A: Facts vs. Fears


Appendix A: Two Letters and Two Charts

Appendix B: Bibliography and Resources

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About the Author

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