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219 pages/hardcover
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Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth

This is the current edition of Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth for you to give to your prospects and clients. It is far and away the most persuasive version yet; indeed, it is probably the only book of any consequence that demonstrates the real value of an investment advisor – and that proves to people that they can’t achieve lifetime investment success without such an advisor. Please click on the title above for a full description.



495 pages/hardcover
$45 + S&H

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Around the Year with Nick Murray: Daily Readings for Financial Advisors

Nick’s newest book is an entirely new format: a program of ten-minute daily readings which can, over the course of one year, turn you into the supremely confident and successful advisor you aspire to be.

You will discover how never to run out of prospects, and that they’re not qualifying you – you’re choosing them. You will accumulate very specific scripts for any and every prospect/client interaction you will ever have. And throughout a year, you’ll discover how finally to insulate your true clients against fear – so that they (and you) can prosper by continuously acting on their plan, not reacting to random circumstances.

Nick: “Every superior belief, behavior, process and script I’ve ever learned are here – to take you to the top of the profession, one day at a time.


273 pages/hardcover
$40 + S&H

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Behavioral Investment Counseling

Nick's book for advisors is a complete investment advisory paradigm, based on two essential perceptions. First, that the dominant determinant of long-term, real-life return is not investment performance but investor behavior. Second, that behavior modification ought to be, in and of itself, an advisor's value proposition, because great behavioral advice is — at critical moments in an investor's lifetime — worth so much more than the advisor can ever charge for it. The goal of Behavioral Investment Counseling is to free your practice from the classic excesses of investor emotion: euphoria, panic and performance-chasing.

Behavioral Investment Counseling is also available at a discounted combination price when combined with The Game of Numbers. Click HERE to see the price schedule for combined orders.


209 pages/hardcover
$40.00 + S&H

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The Game of Numbers: Professional Prospecting for Financial Advisors

Nick's book for all financial planners -- not just investment advisors -- who need to prospect. Whether you are just starting out in the profession of advice, or are a mid-career advisor stuck on a "plateau" or in a "comfort zone," your mortal enemy is prospecting Avoidance. You will never be able to build (or re-build) a first-class practice until you overcome your reluctance to prospect. This book is a complete system for breaking down prospecting reluctance, and gradually but steadily increasing your capacity to prospect. Prospecting is The Game You Always Win If You Don't Stop Playing It. And this is the ultimate how-to-not-stop prospecting book.

The Game of Numbers is also available at a discounted combination price when combined with Behavioral Investment Counseling. Click HERE to see the price schedule for combined orders.


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Talking It Over Just the Two of Us: A Guide for the Financial Advisor’s Life Partner
by Nick and Joan Murray

The financial advisor’s life partner is the most underutilized resource in our industry. They certainly want to understand and help, but there’s no training for them – indeed, as far as we know, no one has ever attempted to speak directly to this audience. Until now, every couple has had to re-invent this wheel.

Talking It Over – written in Nick’s and Joan’s alternating voices – is a simple, straightforward, non-technical and intensely personal guide to the way in which any committed couple can merge their intelligence, drive and common sense – and find thereby a level of success that the advisor might never achieve “going it alone.”

Talking It Over Just the Two of Us is now available for purchase as a password-protected eBook. You will own the book in perpetuity, but will simply have to log into it with your email address and password which we will supply with your purchase confirmation. The eBook can neither be downloaded or printed.

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