Nick Seminars

Volume 1:

Planning for Lifetime Income in Retirement

The first seminar in this series contains:

  • A thousand-word, bulletized essay on the twelve hallmarks of all truly effective seminars.
  • A user’s guide to this specific seminar, clearly highlighting its essential points, and enabling you to edit/update it at will, or as your compliance function requires.
  • The draft seminar itself – a total of fifteen slides – with a bulletized script of the key points you’ll wish to make as you speak to each slide.

This draft focuses clearly on three key ideas:

  1. A two-person, three-decade retirement is essentially a problem of income more than it is of principal. Income must grow to keep pace with inflation, or the retirees will start running through their capital.
  2. Historically, the cash dividends of the S&P 500 have grown at a considerable premium to inflation.
  3. We can get a very rough idea of how much money you’ll need at retirement by capitalizing your income requirement at some assumed going-in withdrawal rate.