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Rationality after Chaos: Helping Your World Get Back on Plan

A hundred-year global pandemic, in waves. The fastest bear market and the quickest recession ever. A bitterly partisan presidential election that didn’t end on Election Day. A forty-year inflation spike. War in eastern Europe. The specter of another recession. And then another bear market.

After three years (and counting) of this chaos, who would not benefit from an objective, perceptive and empathetic second opinion – if only we will offer it, and keep on offering it?


Please note: These are themes only, not canned presentations. I always consult with the sponsor of my talk regarding specifics, and I never give the same presentation twice. I therefore have no slides or script, nor anything else in writing beyond the descriptions below.

Retirement Income Planning Conversation

Retirement, reduced to its economic essence, really only has two possible financial outcomes: either the money outlives the people, or the people outlive the money. The former can make possible a retired life of dignity and independence, and legacies to those we love and must leave behind in the world. The latter describes a retired life of scarcity, worry and even ultimate penury. A key to which outcome a client couple gets is a formal, written, date-specific, dollar-specific retirement accumulation plan. This talk empowers the advisor to see himself/herself as the creator of that simple but invaluable plan, and suggests a very specific script for starting the conversation.

Re-engineering Your Value Proposition.

From long experience, advisors know that all lastingly successful investing is goal-focused and planning driven; all failed investing is market-focused and performance-driven. Similarly, successful investors are those who act continuously on a plan; failed investors continually react to market shocks. The question for the advisor becomes: are you running your practice, or might it be running you? This talk focuses on moving your practice away from selection and timing – in essence, a market focus – and toward high-value planning, and the management of client emotions as a value proposition in and of itself.

Equities: Rational Long-Term Investing in an Irrational World

Advisors are constantly besieged by their clients’ worries about government deficits and debt, central bank policies, terrorism, sectarian violence – in short, the irrational world we live in. Yet all around them, the publicly owned companies which they themselves patronize – sometimes daily – continue to prosper, growing their earnings and increasing their dividends. This talk develops the theme of rational, profit-seeking businesses in a globalizing middle-class world as a haven for the long-term investor’s serious capital.

Optimism is the Only Realism

The whole panoply of mainstream media – and financial journalism most pointedly – actively foster a culture of clickbait catastrophism: the illusion that the world is going to hell in a handbasket, that the U.S. economy is inherently fragile and unstable, and that the equity market may at any moment be subject to savage, long-lasting decline. Yet we know that it is impossible for our clients to succeed as long-term equity investors without some fundamental level of faith in the future. Thus we advisors become essentially the only voice of rational long-term optimism our clients may hear all day – particularly during market declines. This keynote focuses on the great value we can bring to our clients’ investing careers (and lives) in this regard, and offers a number of specific scripts and responses to clients’ fears.