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The Virtual Keynote

  • 50-minute presentation
  • Fee: $7,500, with no recording permitted.
  • Please email Nick directly ( with inquiries.



The pandemic is much more than a hundred-year public health crisis. Its earth-shaking effects on the economy have reached into nearly every household, calling into question even an affluent family’s most fundamental financial assumptions and plans.

As advisors, we have the choice of experiencing this crisis as victims or as opportunists. Yet we know that when people feel financially beset, they’re most apt to welcome an objective, perceptive and empathetic second opinion – if we will but offer it…and keep on offering it.

This 50-minute virtual presentation offers specific suggestions – including word-for-word scripts – for initiating confident, productive conversations with affluent people.

Other Keynote Topics

  • Retirement Income Planning Conversation
  • Re-engineering Your Value Proposition
  • Equities: Rational Long-Term Investing in an Irrational World
  • Optimism is the Only Realism